The key to relief of Hallux Valgus

Wearing high-heels never sacrifice women.
There are only benefits for us.
If you feel pain in your foot, legs or back...

It is a message from your body to learn
to walk in high-heels properly.
I wear high-heels after I take a shower
 in the morning until I take my dress off at night.

I walk in Christian Louboutin heels all day
 and every day. But I never have any pain
 and problems. There is no reason to have some
 body problems because of high-heels.

The solution is to put our weight
 on the ball of our foot when we walk anytime.
The ball of the foot is a constant
 in the theories on sports techniques.

If you can put your weight on this point,
you can control your body using inner muscles.
This progress will become an art.

You can receive many benefits, when you
 manage to walk in high-heels elegantly.
And then it's my artwork to pass onto the clients
during the high-heel lessons.


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