Create your art

Beauty is an art.

 I believe it is as much art as sublime music or
 great architecture. In music, just a one-second
 rhythmic error is not tolerated.

In construction, not a single millimetre of error
 is allowed. People devote their lives to creating art.
We are captivated because their spirit is present there.

Many people don't care about how to walk.
They do not know how much the way they walk
 impresses people. The way we walk is
 an expression of how we live your life.

So, that's why the act of walking is an art.
It is not enough to wear a beautiful dress or
have beautiful high heels. This is because the slightest
 deviation can disrupt the posture and halve its beauty.

Walking is a work of art that anyone can create.
And remember that high-heels are important for this.


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