The first barefoot exercise

I have five barefoot exercises
 for walking in high-heels.

Before taking the lesson proper,
we have to prepare our body first.
We need the chair on the first barefoot exercise.

- The purpose -

The purpose of this exercise is to stimulate
 the ball of your foot and strengthen
 the inner muscles of feet and legs.

- The ball of the foot -

There is a swollen part just under the root
 of the big toe in the sole of the foot.
 This is the ball of the foot.  Imagine that
 there is a circle on the ball of the foot.
You have to put your weight on this point anytime,
when you do some exercises or you walk in high-heels.

If you can't put your weight on this part,
the weight will go to the exterior sole of your foot.
 As a result, your outer muscles of legs will develop.
 Finally, you will cause the problem of bow legs.

- The preparation -

Stand in front of the chair.

 Put your right foot on the chair.

Check your (left) toe and 
your(left)heel are straight.

 Hands on your waist. 

Push your left knee out as much as possible.

Push your head out.

Your shoulders back and down.

- The procedure -

Slowly go down, along the vertical line.
Hold the knee for 3 seconds.
Lift your body up and push the knee as much as possible.

(Repeat total 5 times / each)

- Attention -

1. Some people bend the knee inward,
because they try to put the weight
 on the ball of the foot. 

But you have to keep the knee straight,
not inward, not outward.

2. The chair should not be placed too close
to the body. Otherwise you won't strengthen
 inner thigh muscles.

 On the other hand, if you put the chair
 too far away from the body,
the back will arch backwards, it will cause back pain.

3. Don't lower your body down too much.
Because you will strengthen your knee
too much and you will cause problems with knee pain.

4. When you do this exercise,
 always touch your heel to the ground
and don't lift it up.

5. Don't arch your back.
Keep your vertical line, as you lower
your leg and lift your body up.

Good luck!


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