The advantages of doing Skype lessons

You can't necessarily get on a plane to come to Paris.
 It is possible to take lessons at home,
from a computer or a tablet thanks to Skype.

With lessons through Skype, I can not directly
 touch the body and make corrections,
so I need more skills as a coach.

However, by constantly taking lessons,
you can learn how to use your body and how to
 carry your legs, remove habits, and achieve
 beautiful high-heels walking at the same level
as a haute couture course.

I can say it strongly because I have seen
 the client’s body through
 more than 4000 private lessons in 11 years.

The advantages of doing Skype lessons
 and exercising at home are

1. You don’t need to travel, so you can save time.

2. You don’t need to worry about the weather outside.

3. You can exercise in the privacy and
 comfort of your own home or office.

4. It suits clients with restricted availability.

In addition to walking beautifully,
the merits of managing daily health and
training the body are great. I hope you will receive
 lessons as if your personal trainer came to your house.


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