What you must never do when you walk

The way you walk gives a
 bigger impression on you than you think.

Most people don't know this fact
 because they never take video
of their own walk.

That's why you need to watch
 the Instagram video below.
I showed you good and bad exemple.

What you must never do
when you walk is that you never
space between your knees
 when you move your leg forward.

Even the smallest gap of
one centimetre must not be made.

For this reason, you have to touch
 the knee of the back leg to the knee of
 the front leg immediately,
as soon as you take your foot off the ground.

Otherwise, there will be a gap
 between your knees,
your elegance will be halved.

even if you wear a gorgeous dress
or even if you wear beautiful high-heels
your dignity is reduced.

This is a great pity.

That's why I want to assure you
that high-heel lessons can be
 a valuable asset for your life.

Without fatigue, 
pain or physical problems,
furthermore you can walk
 in high-heels elegantly.

This is a great method of ASAMI-PARIS.


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