To be beautiful at all times

the weather feels like spring in Paris.

I had completely forgotten
 that the house has a terrace. I brought
 my white wine and my computer here
 and I'm happy in the sunshine.

Happiness is only on the inside.

I understood it,
but I couldn't do it deeply.

Our habits of thinking
run deeper than we imagine.
It is a repeated process of trial and error.

I had a big complexe when I was young.

It was no different when I worked
as a model. When I moved to Paris
all women looked beautiful and
I hated myself.

Why could I eliminate my complex ?

It was walking elegantly in high heels.

Trust me.
Walking in high-heels elegantly
 will give you
great confidence in yourself.

I have lived in Paris for 13 years.

People admire me because
I always live with high heels
even if I am tired or being sick.

To be beautiful at all times

But, do not make mistakes.
It's not an effort.
It's because I want to.


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