My morning routine

I value my morning time very much.

I usually get up at around 5am.
As soon as I get up, I brush my teeth and
I go to see my kids sleep.

I open the shutters and
 I see a beautiful view of the apartment
breathing deeply.
 This is one of my favourite moments.

It is bright now
 because the sun rises early,
but it is dark in the winter season.

Even if it is raining or sunny.
It is a very beautiful moment.

I'd forgotten about it.
My cat always comes to
 my bedroom shortly before I get up.

She knows what time
 I get up and will pick me up.
How lovely!

After drinking hot water,
I stretch and meditate.

And I do barefoot exercises
 to walk in high-heels elegantly
and high-heels exercise
s depending on my physical condition.

This is my morning routine
 before the children wake up.

I am sure that happiness is first
 and foremost about fulfilling myself.
When I feel I am not fulfilled,
that is when my rhythm is broken.

So I don't let my rhythm be broken
 for any reason, I don't let my rhythm
be broken because of other people.

For this I calculate time
 and environment
 to be comfortable with myself.

If we have a great time
in the morning we can feel great
 all day long.
That's why the night before is
so important, too for me.

A happy life is
 how happy we can live
 in the moment.

The way we spend our time is
  proportional to our happiness.



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