True love, True truth, True beauty

What I believe in.
It is my heart, my soul.

Social networks are now widespread.

The advantages of sharing great
 information are huge.
However, we tend to lose track of
 what we really need.

For example,
Determining one's value
 based on others' evaluations.

Your greatness is not for others to decide.
You just have to admit that you're great.

Truth is not on the outside.
It is only inside you.
I would like to strongly affirm
 this from my own experience.

The same can be said for beauty.
Beauty cannot be obtained from the outside.

Only from within yourself,
from the way your mind is.
You can only get it from your inner self.

Our outer world is a projection
 of our inner world.

It is the heart,
the soul and the frequency

Walking in high-heels elegantly,
it's exactly the same thing.

True love, True truth, True beauty
I believe that this is true abundance.


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