Haute couture

It's been 13 years since
 I started high-heel lessons in Paris.

I didn't provide an online lesson at that time,
so clients came to Paris to take my high-heels
  lesson. Women from 14 different countries,
including Japan, the U.S and Austria...
 have come to Paris to take my lessons.

 Haute couture,
that is also the name of my high-heel lessons.

The technique of walking in high heels
 is a matter of course, to develop maximum
 physical ability and beauty in accordance
with individual body habits,
rhythms to be mastered, and goals to be achieved,

Above all,
I deliver high -heel lessons as a work of art.

This is because I control my fingertips
 and breathing in my salon with beautiful music
and respect the sublime energy.

I believe that walking in high-heels
 is an art just as
 Christian Louboutin shoes are an art.

That is why high-heel lessons
 must also be an art.
It is no exaggeration to say that
 this lesson is my life and my soul.

I hope many women walk in
 high-heels elegantly without any problem.
And you can do it.


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