Surrender to the Universe

Surrendering means accepting what is,
trusting the flow of things, and
 clearing our connection to the present moment.

By surrendering, we give the Universe
 permission to assist us
 in co-creating the life we want.
 We stop resisting and start embracing our journey.

It’s not about being lazy,
but taking relaxed action with love.

Deeply surrendering is an act of self-love.
It’s showing that we love and
believe in ourselves so much that
 we trust we are capable of handling anything.

So at this moment,
we are free to fully enjoy the present.

We need to let go of the limiting subconscious,
belief systems, buried emotions,
 and energetic blocks holding us back.

Limiting subconscious beliefs
around trust, safety, and self-worth
 make it hard to surrender and relax.

Although letting go takes practice,
it’s worth it to
 create more enjoyable outcomes.

 Then, we can release the weight of
the past and our worries
about the future to enjoy life now.


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