When I worked as a model

I started working as a model
 when I was 17 years old.

When I started, I couldn't walk well,
 so I had been taking private lessons
once a week for four years.

I was 30 when I was pregnant with my son,
I retired from modelling.
I didn't quit my job until that age
 because I loved walking on the runway

Many people misunderstand that
 a model's job is not to make herself beautiful,
but to make the product look even more amazing.

Our job is to make gorgeous coats
 look even more gorgeous,
to give an image of the feel of the
texture of the material without having
 to touch it with good technique.

It means giving a dream to the audience.

I therefore carefully checked
 my clothes and I rehearsed many times
in my own costumes
before walking on the runway.

For example, how fast to make turns
 to make clothes look their most beautiful,

This requires calculating the thickness
of the cloth and the speed of my turn.
In rehearsals before the actual performance,
walking calculations need to be made
 to ensure that all audiences are satisfied.

And most importantly,
the runway is not about the model
 being the star of the show.

The designers, but also the stage manager,
the lighting and the staff who
 help with the dressing etc...
 It's the work of
 all the people involved in the show.

With that sense of pressure and responsibility
 I walked on the runway.
On the other hand, I was so excited.

A world where mistakes are never tolerated.
That's why the joy of success is immeasurable.

I am now engaged as a high-heel coach
 but I would love to walk the runway again
 if I had the chance!

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