Why do we need barefoot exercises?

Walking in high-heels elegantly is a sport.

Many people think that
we just use leg muscles to walk
 in high-heels, but walking with them
 requires full body exercise.

As with many sports,
we need to prepare the foundation
 building before practice to walk
 in high-heels.

It is exactly the same as practising
 the basics on the beach before
 practising in the sea as surfing.

There are five barefoot exercises
 on the ASAMI-PARIS method.

We need to recognize which
muscles we have to use,
how to move our leg forward
elegantly before practicing
with high-heels.

If you can't do these things
 barefoot, it is impossible to walk
in high-heels correctly and elegantly.

Foundation building is a
 somber exercise, but an unavoidable
 path to walking beautifully and elegantly.

However, this is common across all sectors
But don't worry about it.

The barefoot
 exercises of ASAMI-PARIS
 are not just walking in high-heels
elegantly and correctly but also
 you can improve your health
 and achieve ideal body.

Many clients no longer go to
 physical therapy or hospitals
 after taking my lessons.

Because they have developed
 self-healing powers.

Women who want to be even more
 beautiful and women
 who want to be even healthier,
my method works for all women.


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