Your dignity

The way you walk is
an expression of your dignity.

Just because you walk in high-heels
 doesn't mean
that you express your elegance.

It is indispensable to create
your elegance, you need to establish
 the body axis, above all.

You can't walk in high-heels
correctly and elegantly
if you don't establish a body axis.

You will cause backache
 as I have always maintained.

And the body's axis creates
 a sense of strong female and independence.
This is a symbol of a beautiful woman.

You are capable of expressing
 the grace and softness of women
by knee technique in
 which you move your leg forward.

I have also mentioned many times
that you shouldn't have a space
between your knees
 when you move your leg forward.

But that's not all,
the angle of the knee inwards
 is very important,
when you move your leg forward.

This is art.

You are an artist,
if you could only get a beautiful walk.

The meaning of what I say,
when you change the way you walk.

This is an investment in your life
if you are a woman.
Take the first step like my clients.

I am sure that
you will definitely change your life.


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