Hallux valgus x High-heels

Many people think that
 they produire Hallux valgus
 because of wearing high-heels.

But this is a complete mistake.

I walk in high-heels everyday
 even though I go out and I am at home,
however I never have a problem
 with Hallux valgus.

This proves more than anything else.

I understand that many women
 suffer from bunions.
Actually, many women knocked
 on the door to take my high-heels lessons
to improve with Hallux valgus.

One of my clients had been suffering
 from this problem and she never
 walked in high-heels.
Because she had been feeling pain
 when she wore high-heels.

I focused on barefoot exercise,
no high-heels.

The ASAMI-PARIS method is
not only for walking in
 high-heels elegantly but also
 you can improve the body problem.

The reason for this is an original
 stretch on human body anatomy and
five different barefoot exercises
 for walking in high-heels.

These can be of great help
 in improving Hallux valgus.

Besides, if you really want to
 improve this problem, you need
to strengthen the inside of the sole.

For this reason, you have to
 put your weight on the ball of the big toe.

This technique is
 the ASAMI-PARIS method.

You can walk in high-heels elegantly
but not only that,
but your problem will improve.
This is the best way.

By the way, many clients who
 had been having problems have
 been walking in beautiful
 Christian Louboutin
 high-heels with my technique.

It is the most advanced
 way of becoming beautiful in the world.


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