What shoes do you wear when you fly?

Many women wear flat shoes
 because they want to be comfortable
 in airplanes.

Besides, I think that many women
are worried about having their
 legs swollen because of sitting for
 long periods of time or pressure problems.

That's why
 I recommend you to wear high-heels.

In my method,
you point your tiptoes downwards
 before landing the foot
on the ground to avoid
 landing the foot from heel.

One of the great advantages of
this movement is helps to improve
 the circulation around the ankle.

 As a result,
your swollen legs would be gone.

I think you can walk easily
in flat shoes,
 but you don't feel good having
 swollen legs don't you ?

More than anything else,
your exuberance makes a big
 difference when you get on and off the
 plane thanks to a pair of high-heels.

Why don't you use high-heels on airplanes?

Have a nice trip!


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