The 2nd barefoot exercise

I have five barefoot exercises
 for walking in high-heels.
Before taking the lesson proper,
we have to prepare our body first.

This is the 2nd barefoot exercise.
We wear socks in order to slide your feet in this exercise.

- The purpose -

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen
 the ball of the foot, knees, inner thigh muscles,
gluteus muscles and abdominal muscles.

We train the core of muscles of the body.
 It contains all the necessary elements
 for walking in high-heel in this exercise.

- The preparation -

Hands on your waist.

Push your knees as much as possible.

Chest opens up.

Shoulder back and down.

- The procedure -

1. Raise your right leg to 90 degrees
 pushing your left knee as much as possible.

2. Hold for three seconds.

3. Before moving down your right leg,
you have to push your left knee again.

4. Slowly move down your right leg
 pulling abdominal muscles up.

5. Point your right tiptoe downwards
 just before touching the ground and hold
 for three seconds.

6. Down your body slowly and hold
 for three seconds.

7. Go back to initial position feeling
 inner thigh muscle.

We will change your leg.

- Attention -

When you raise your right leg
to 90 degrees, you shouldn't have a space
 between your knees. So your right knee and the
 top of your right foot point inwards.

When you raise your right leg to 90 degrees,
 don't bend your left knee.
Push it as much as possible. And you have to
 always keep pointing your tiptoe backwards.

When you move down your right leg slowly,
neither cross your legs, nor make your
 right leg line outwards.

Your right leg keeps the right side line.

When you point your tiptoe downwards
 just before touching the ground, you shouldn't
 have a big space between your tiptoe and the ground.
But don't touch the ground.

When you move down and lift your body up,
make sure to keep tiptoes straight and feel
 your inner thigh muscles.

You never arch your back backwards
 anytime, keep your body straight.
Don't forget to push your head out.

Good luck!


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