Strengthen your knee

We strengthen the knee which is
 necessary to walk in high-heels correctly
and elegantly in this exercise.

We move forward our foot one
 centimetre at a time and the knee is strengthened
 by stopping for a few seconds at each point.

At the same time, I check that the back of
 my client is not bent backwards and
 the head is not shifted forward. 

The head and back position is
most obvious from the side.

We tend to bend our back backwards
 if we don't have enough knee muscles.
The reverse is also true, we tend to lose
 our knee muscles if we bend our back
 backwards because it doesn't work the body axis. 

That is to say, both approaches are needed
 and this exercise is the best solution.
Don't hesitate to touch the wall with your hand
 to keep the body balanced as in this video.



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