Be careful about the type of sound

I am careful not to make noise in daily life.
 For example, When I close the door or
 I put my phone or a glass on the table etc.

The significance of the sound coming from
 my action is that there is no mind in the moment.
Elegance is an attitude, so these noises
 tell me a warning tone.

We can say that walking in high-heels as well.
 Many people make noise when they walk with them,
but it is not elegant. If you land your foot
 on the ground from heel, of course you make noise
 at the moment the heel touches the ground.

To avoid this, we have to point your tiptoe
 downwards before landing your foot
 on the ground. This is not only to avoid the noise
 but is also necessary for walking in high-heels
 correctly and elegantly.

I love music, but It is important to be careful
 about the type of sound it makes, I think.


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