Are you tired of wearing High-heels?

Many people are surprised and
ask me some questions
I walk a pair of
 Christian Louboutin 
every day.

Are you tired of wearing high heels?
Do you feel pain in your legs and back?

If you walk correctly, you can walk
for hours in high-heels without tiring
or hurting 

There are two main things
 that are important for this.

The first important thing is to put the
weight on the ball of the big toe
instead of on the heel.
Because if you don't 
put your weight
 on the ball of the big toe,
the axis of the body does not work.

As with many sports,
it is the sports theory.

Secondly, it is important not to walk
in the same way as in flat shoes.
It means that you shouldn't
your foot on the ground
 from your heel.

There is a long obstruction under the
heel of the shoe as you know.
You will damage your body
because you tend to bend your
knee or 
to arch your back to try to keep
 the body balanced.

A pair of high-heels is not the
of women,
it is your best friend.

You can obtain an ideal body,
it also helps to remove oedema
 and It can also develop self-confidence.

I hope that more women
 will benefit from high-heels.

- Course of prêt-à-porter -

1 lesson 150 euros
3 lessons 420 euros
5 lessons 650 euros

* Each lesson / 60 min


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