Philosophy of High-heels


Walking in High-heels is an art

High-heels are an art,
but walking in high-heels is also an art.

What makes women feel uplifted.
What creates elegance and sexiness.
It is also a pair of high heels.

But it is not enough to put on high-heels.
Your beauty will blossom even more when
 you can walk with them elegantly and correctly.

Have you ever seen yourself walking?

It is not an exaggeration to say that
 the way you walk can make you more beautiful
 or less beautiful yourself.
A pair of high-heels is not a dangerous thing.
It is not the fault of high-heels.
It is because of the way high-heels are walked.

I hope you don’t give up your high-heels.
Because walking in high-heels is based on theory.


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