High-heels Lesson

Why can't many women
 walk in high-heels ?

Walking in high-heels elegantly and
properly is a sport and full-body workout.
Walking in high-heels can only
benefit a woman. 

However, it is also true that
there are so many 
bad labels about high heels in the world.

This is because many people don't have
 knowledge about walking in high-heels.
 In addition, many people have had bad
 experiences because of their
 lack of knowledge.

It is not the fault of high-heels.
It is because of the way
 high-heels are walked.

One of the misconceptions many people
have is that they try to use just their
leg muscles when they walk in high-heels.

 is impossible because we need to use
 all the muscles 
of the body, for example
 the abdominal muscles, 
back and gluteus
 muscles etc... as well as keeping
 the correct posture.

And the biggest problem is that
 many people walk in high-heels
 the same way they walk in flat shoes.

How can we walk in high-heels
 without problem ?

If you want to walk in high-heels without
 problem and elegantly, you must not land
 your foot on the ground from the heel.

This technique allows you to put
 the weight on the ball of the big toe.
Putting on the weight on the ball of the big
toe is a theory on sports techniques.

If you can’t put your weight on the ball of
 the big toe, the body's axis
 can't be established.
So you will lose body balance.

Besides, outer leg muscles are trained
so hard, your legs line deform into a
rugby ball shape.

you will bend the back
because of trying to keep
the body balanced. 

That's why you will have a backache.

I can say that this skill is the technique,
so we must train with some 

Knowing the right knowledge
Making it a habit

This is the key to walking in high-heels elegantly.

Benefits of High-heels lessons

You can walk on high heels of
any height and never get tired.

In addition,
you never have problems
with back pain, leg or foot pain.

Not only do you gain health, but you also
develop elegance and beauty, presence
and charisma.

And not only beauty and
health. It's about making
 a big change in your life.

It is the philosophy of the high-heels.

- High-heels Lesson -

1. Course of Haute-couture

The program of the Haute-Couture course
consists of three stages:

- Stretching
- Barefoot exercises and
 walking in high-heels

- Develop charisma

It is important to correct our good posture
in order to walk in high-heels correctly and elegantly.
It is necessary to understand which muscles
we have to use when we walk in high-heels
before walking with them.

Walking in high-heels correctly is
whole body movement, and walking
in high-heels elegantly is an art.

The first part
- Stretching -

The ASAMI-PARIS stretching method not
only softens the body but also awaken
its self-healing powers.

 Il also contains all the necessary
 elements to walk in
 high-heels correctly and elegantly.

 Under the theory that the body is
a unit, these stretchings give a good
stimulation to the muscles,
and wake up various functions of the body.

At the same time, it improves blood flow
 and metabolism. If you feel tired,
it will feel less fatigued and
problems related to menstruation
 will be alleviated.

Even if you are not interested
in high-heels, I would recommend
 the ASAMI-PARIS stretching.

The second part
- Barefoot exercises and high-heels walking-

After the stretch, we start
some barefoot exercises.

We have to understand that which
muscle we use and how to move leg forward
 elegantly without heels.

There are five barefoot exercises.

Through barefoot exercise,
we will stimulate the ball of the big toe,
strengthen abdominal muscles,
legs muscles, gluteus muscles,
 inner thigh muscles and we will
 establish the body's axis.

And how to move the leg forward
 elegantly is also practiced at the barefoot
exercise phase.

We also practice the knee angle for walking
 in high-heels beautifully.

This is a matter of course,
if you can't do it in barefoot exercises,
it is more impossible to achieve
 in high heels.

This is why ASAMI-PARIS believes in
 establishing a solid foundation first.

After barefoot exercises, we will
 exercise with high-heels. There more than
10 different types of exercise and
we strengthen each muscle which needs
 to walk in high-heels.

It is honestly impossible
 to learn everything in just one lesson.

Walking in high-heels elegantly is
 a fusion of skills and t
hat is why
with them is an art.

The barefoot exercise 1

The barefoot exercise 2

The barefoot exercise 3

The barefoot exercise 4

The barefoot exercise 5

The third part
- Develop charisma -

Just as important as walking elegantly
is creating and developing your presence.

I am sure that being elegant is also a
 technique. I got this technique from my
 experience as a model on the modelling
 on the runway, and have refined
it in my pursuit of the perfect expression.

If you harmonize this physical and
emotional technique you definitely
 develop your presence.

And you can open the new door of the world.

- Course of Haute-couture -

  1 lesson  750 euros 

* This course is offered as a lesson in Paris.
* I could also conduct private high-heels lessons at your home or hotel.
(Travel expenses are not included.)

* lesson 150 min

2. Course of prêt-à-porter
-Online lessons via Skype-

You don't need to fly and come to
Paris to take a high-heels lessons.

You can take lessons at home via Skype.

I can give the same high level
 of skill through the screen because I check
 the client's body from the front,
 the side and behind while conducting
the lesson.

I'm also confident in my online lessons
 because I've already given
 over 5000 private lessons in my career.

The benefits of
Online High-heels lessons

The first advantage:
You don't have to get on a plane and
 come to Paris to take a high-heel lesson.

The second advantage:
You don't need to move,
which saves you time.

The third advantage:
You don't have to worry
 about the weather to get to the salon.

The fourth advantage:
You can exercise at home
just like in a gym.
And you can exercise regularly.

It's like having your own personal trainer at home.

- Course of prêt-à-porter -

 1 lesson   150 euros 
 3 lessons  420 euros
 5 lessons  650 euros

Includes : Two types of barefoot exercises and exercise of high-heels
* Each lesson / 60 min 

- Payment method -

Please choose your payment method
from the following options.

Bank transfer / Check / Paypal / Wise

- Change of reservation -

Any changes to your reservation
 must be made at least 24hours before
 the start of the lesson.

 Please note that any contact
 after that time
 will be treated as a cancellation.


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