Private High-heels Lesson

Why many women
 can't walk in high-heels ?

Walking elegantly and properly with high-heels is
 a sport and whole body movement.
There are many negative labels for high-heels
 in the world and that kind of information keeps flowing.

 Because of this, people believe that
 high-heels are not good for walking without knowing
 where the information comes from or whether
 it’s true or not.

But it is not high-heels that are not good
 for walking, it’s
“How to walk with them“ .

Basically many people try to walk only
 with their legs, but walking with high-heels is
 whole body movement as I mentioned at the beginning,
 not only the muscles of the legs
 but also the abdominal muscles, the back muscles,
the shoulder blades, the head and
 the upper body is also very important.

And if we walk in high-heels
 like a way of flat shoes walking,
it could damage our body. 
This is also the misconceived point by many people.


How can we walk with them ?

My technique of walking in high-heels insists
 that never land our heel first on the ground
 to put our weight on the ball of the big toe.

Like many other sports,
when we put our weight on the ball of the big toe,
we can use our inside muscles of our legs,
as a result, we can pull our abdominal muscles up
 and control the core muscles of our body.

If you can’t put your weight on the ball of your
 big toe, as a result, you lose your balance and
 the load 
will be added to the outside of your legs,
 and the outer muscles of the legs will develop which
 cause bow-legs.

At the same time, it makes your back arch
 which causes lumbago or many other troubles
 of your body.

It is very important to be conscious of
 this ball of big toe on walking with high heels
 and this technique is the key in my lessons.

Why do I only give private lessons?

Before talking about techniques and muscles,
 it is only when the state of the body is in the right position,
we can use the appropriate muscles.

So in the lesson we will do the work to make
 right muscles removing habits that anyone has.
It is this point that I stick to private lessons,
just as we all have different personality,
each of our body is different, the same body
 does not exist.

I can say it strongly
 because I have seen the client’s body
 through more than 5000 private lessons in 11 years.

People have not only each habit but also the different
 rhythm of the body. Also, in learning,
there is a difference whether it is a sensibility
 group or a theory group.

Good and weak points are different,
learning with the same method and rhythm together
 in group is really difficult.

Therefore, “ASAMI-PARIS”
 sticks to private lessons,
not group lessons.

The consequences of
 a controlled with high-heels

In the process of walking beautifully with high-heels,
healthy people can cure all the troubles of the body.
The act of walking is more closely related
 to our health than we imagine.

Beautiful walking with high-heels is not just
 about beauty and health. Something that changes
 life also exists in this
 “Philosophy of high-heels”.

Learn to walk in High-heels

1. Course of Haute-couture

The program of the Haute-Couture course consists of
three stages: stretching, barefoot exercises and walking
 in high heels, expression of an aura.

To walk beautifully with high-heels,
 the body without distortion
 and the correct posture are important.

Before walking on high heels,
it is impossible to walk with high-heels
 unless you have a firm consciousness of
 how you use muscles in your body and brain.

Walking with high-heels is whole body movement,
and walking beautifully with high-heels is art.

The first part
- Stretch necessary for high-heels walking-

The stretch provided
 by “
ASAMI – PARIS” is not merely
 to soften the body.

Under the theory that the body is a unit,
it gives a good stimulation to the muscles,
 enhances self-healing power,
and wakes up various functions of the body.

It also contains all the elements necessary for
 walking with high-heels, making it an important
 stretch to build the foundation to make the connection
 between the head and the brain smoother.

If the state of the muscles is firm,
 the necessary movements in order to adjust
 the position of the body and make the muscles
 are not smooth, and wasteful energy is wasted
 to walk beautifully and correctly.

It is not someone else but you will cure
 yourself with your own power, and the
 independent body in you awakens

The second part
- Barefoot exercises and high-heels walking-

After the stretch, exercise to understand
 which muscle to move and how to move it
 in barefoot state, prepare for high-heels practice.

For barefoot exercises, there is a chair exercise
 and four other barefoot exercises,
 with those exercises, we create consciousness
 necessary for high-heels walking with, such as
 consciousness of the ball of the big toe,
awareness of inner muscles of feet and legs,
 training of abdominal muscles,
consciousness of inner thighs and hips, etc. .

I also teach how to carry beautifully
our legs in barefoot state. It is natural that
if you can not do with bare feet, walking with
high-heels is impossible.

In “ASAMI – PARIS”, I believe that
 it is necessary to build the foundation.
 However, besides barefoot exercises,
 there are more than 10 original exercises to
 walk with high-heels.

Since it is impossible to do everything
 and increase consciousness in a single lesson,
I will carefully teach one by one as if assembling
 a plastic model and in the end we can combine
 everything to make a beautiful high-heels walking.

Walking beautifully is a very deep world.
That is why, just by walking beautifully,
the aura emitted from you is different.

- Here are videos of the barefoot exercises -

The third part
- Expression of an aura -

In addition to beautiful walking,
 the important thing is the elegance of women
 and the aura to be released from the inside,
 and it is not possible to express ‘real beauty’
only with high-heels walking techniques.

Using the body to create an aura that overflows
 from the inside, we awake the inner beauty
 that is sleeping by raising our emotions.

I got this technique from my experience
 as a model on the modelling on the
 fashion runway, and have refined it in my pursuit
 of the perfect expression.

If you combine this physical and emotional technique
 with the beautiful high-heels walking,
you can open the new door of the world you have
 never experienced before.

As many of my clients say, you can not return
 to the world where you were , and the perspective
 of living beautifully in the future will change.

1 lesson  750 euros 
   150 min 

* Haute couture course is a lesson in Paris salon.

2. Course of prêt-à-porter
-online lessons via Skype-

You can't necessarily get on a plane
to come to Paris. It is possible to take
lessons at home, from a computer or a tablet
 thanks to Skype.

With lessons through Skype,
  I can not touch directly the body and
 make corrections,
 so I need more skills as a coach.

However, by constantly taking lessons,
 you can learn how to use your body and
 how to carry your leg, remove habits,
 and achieve beautiful high-heels walking
 at the same level as a haute couture course.

The advantages of doing Skype lessons
 and exercising at home are

1. You don’t need to travel, so you can save time

2. You don’t need to worry about the weather outside

3. You can exercise in the privacy and comfort of your
    own home or office

4. It suits clients with restricted availability

In addition to walking beautifully,
 the merits of managing daily health and
 training the body are great.

 I hope you will receive lessons
 as if your personal trainer came to your house.

1 lesson 395 euros 

3 lessons  1150 euros

5 lessons  1750 euros

* 1 lesson / 95 min 

- Payment method -

Please choose your payment method
from the following options.

Bank transfer / Check / Paypal / Wise

- Change of reservation -

Any changes to your reservation must be made
 at least 24hours before the start of the lesson.
 Please note that any contact after that time
 will be treated as a cancellation.


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